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1. Prayer Foundation

Evangelism begins and ends with God.  New birth begins with God, we are invited to participate in the delivery, but God is the one who creates new life.  Evangelism also ends with God; it is to his glory and for the extension of his kingdom.  Since it begins and ends with God, prayer is the necessary foundation.

  • Ten Most Wanted
    Light is powerful and when it is focused through a laser, it can even burn through titanium. ONA’s “Ten Most-Wanted” prayer tool is like a laser in helping you focus your prayers for your friends and for the people with whom your church has contact in the community. Click here to download a printable version.
  • 50 Days to High M-Pact
    While your church may not be ready to enter the HIGH M-PACT Revitalization process, you can still benefit from a 50-day prayer focus as you seek to have a greater impact in outreach and evangelism.  This is a time for discerning God’s vision and taking the spiritual and strategic steps needed to develop God’s priority of seeking and saving the lost. Click here to download a printable version.


2. Outreach

People from inside of the church connecting with people outside the church through community needs and interests.  The goal is to build credible personal relationships. Outreach may be thought of as pre-evangelism.


  • Gary Rohrmayer, author of Spiritual Conversations:  Creating and Sustaining Them Without Being a Jerk, calls outreach “sowing the seeds of awareness.”  In terms of sowing seeds, he gives this principle of sowing:  “The evangelistic fruitfulness of your church is directly related to the amount of evangelistic seeds you are sowing into your community.”
    • Elements of a sowing mentality(see Ecclesiastes 11:6)
      1. Knowing it is a 24 hour job
      2. Knowing it is hard work
      3. Understanding the mystery of God’s work
      4. Understanding it’s not about particular methods
    • Practical sowing ideas
      1. Community Service –visibly and tangibly displaying the love of Christ to the community.
      2. Servant Evangelism – earning the right to be heard through acts of kindness.  (see Servant Evangelism by Steve Sjogren)
      3. Sharing your facilities with the community – but when you do, have people from your church volunteer to help, make sure the church facility creates a good impression, and have a well stocked literature rack.
      4. Marketing – purpose is to build a relationship with the unconnected in your community.   Marketing is not evangelism, but it can support evangelism by helping you build relationships.
  • Some books that may be helpful:

    • The Church of Irresistible Influence: Bridge-Building Stories to Help Reach Your Community, by Robert Lewis with Rob Wilkins
    • ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church, by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
    • Evangelism Outside the Box: New Ways to Help People Experience the Good News, by Rick Richardson


3. Evangelism

Connecting people outside of the church with the crystal clear Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The goal is to proclaim the Gospel with clarity while trusting the Spirit of God to regenerate.

  • Your Home: A Lighthouse
    Bob and Betty Jacks explain how the pastor or layperson can host successful evangelistic home Bible studies. This is an older book, but is still available at Amazon
  • Your Spiritual Journey
    An excellent diagnostic tool to help seekers and believers alike to determine where they are spiritually and to show them how to take the next steps on their spiritual journey.
  • Christianity Explored
    Christianity Explored is a seven-week course for people who would like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. Christianity Explored uses the Gospel According to Mark to present the gospel. It is built around three key questions:

    1. Who is Jesus?  (His identity)
    2. Why did Jesus Come? (His mission)
    3. What does Jesus demand? (His call)
  • Spiritual Birthline
    This is another excellent diagnostic tool that helps you discern how the Holy Spirit may be working in someone’s life.  It assumes that the Holy Spirit is active both before and after conversion. Click here to download a printable version.
  • Evangelism Explosion
    www. eeinternational.org
    An excellent equipping ministry developed by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, PCA in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This approach includes regional training clinics where individuals come together for the purpose of learning a thorough and clear Gospel presentation. Levels 2 & 3 of EE are more apologetic. This is a discipleship as well as an evangelistic tool and is highly recommended as a place to begin.

4. Discipleship

A disciple of Christ is a follower of Christ.  The Great Commission in Matthew 28 commissions us to make disciples.  That same commission indicates that a disciple is a baptized believer who is learning to obey everything that Jesus has commanded.  Discipleship is about more than knowledge, in involves how we live.

  • Helping Guests Connect with Your Church
    This brochure outlines a 4-step process to move guests from being first-time visitors to making a commitment to your church.   Getting guests to connect with your church is a foundational step in discipleship through the local church.Click here to download a printable version.
  • Discipleship Explored
    This is an eight-week course to follow-up people who make a profession of faith through Christianity Explored.  Discipleship Explored is a journey through the book of Philippians.  Participants explore for themselves the meaning of Paul’s words:  “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”
  • The Walk:  Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus
    Stephen Smallman wrote this book to help those who have no basic knowledge of Jesus and discipleship.  It is meant to be a guide to Christian discipleship along the lines of the “dummies” books that were written for people with no basic knowledge of computers to give them a working knowledge.  This book helps someone with no basic knowledge of Jesus become a growing disciple.
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism
    This is a classic book on evangelism by Robert Coleman, but in many ways, it is really more of a book on discipleship as it describes how Jesus taught his disciples to make disciples.
  • Becoming a Contagious Christian:  Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You
    Video course by Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel, and Bill Hybels.  While this is a course for training people in your church in evangelism, we have listed it under discipleship because one of the chief things disciples have to be taught to obey is the commission to make disciples.  This course is excellent in recognizing that not everyone has the stereotypical outgoing personality that we often associate with evangelism.  We can be witnesses of Christ no matter what our personality.
  • Training Leaders
    An important part of discipleship is training leaders.  You can use any of the tools above, especially the video courses, to train leaders to teach.  Have them teach the course while the pastor or other elder oversees their teaching.  Christian Education Ministries also sponsors regional leadership training.  Contact CEM for more information.